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An overview of our best selling products!

Our Traditional Greek Spinach Pie, crusty philo dough filled with Greek Feta Cheese and fresh Spinach mixed with Herbs and Spices!
Koulouria Thessalonikis
Sesame Bread Rings, based on the original recipe from the sister Capital of Athens Greece, Thessaloniki. Their unique flavor makes them a perfect substitute to any kind of conventional bread while at the same time being the perfect on the go snack! Our version of this recipe is a close guarded secret to this day.
The original Greek recipe, crusty philo dough with a rich filling combination of selected nuts and spices dressed with our homemade syrup!
Tsoureki no egg-3.jpg
Traditional Greek/Easter Sweet Bread, the recipe includes Mastic from the Greek Island of  Chios and the aromatic Mahleb that only adds to it's sweet and buttery flavor. (Easter version is decorated with a red hard boiled egg)

A Brief  History

Founded in Athens Greece back in June of 1980, we have several long decades of experience in producing top of the line quality traditional Greek Baked products. Over the years our family business expanded towards the Northern suburbs of Athens and became known for making the best Koulouri Thessalonikis (Sesame Ring Bread) in the city. The Koulouri, even though it's based on the original recipe, one of the founders and head Baker Alexander Soldatos, came up with a modified and highly successful version of the recipe which to this day remains our family secret.

Now thanks to our amazing sponsor here in the U.S (Thank you Alex!), we have the chance to bring some of our best goodies directly to your home / business and take another step closer towards achieving our goal in making some positive changes and bring more diversity in the form and flavor of our Mediterranean products within the Baking Industry!

We deliver!
As a retail / wholesale Bakery based in Manchester NH, we work closely with and deliver to businesses all around Manchester NH and Boston MA.
We offer free samples of selected products to all of our potential customers and free samples of our new creations to old, new and potential customers alike! 

Please Note:  Due to very limited staffing, deliveries are only made for wholesale orders for the time being. Thank you for understanding. 




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